Low-Emissivity Glass


Low emissivity (Low-E) is a glass that radiated, or emits, low levels of radiant energy on its surface. Low–E glass may be classified as single silver glass or double silver glass and so on.


  • Solar energy transmittance.
  • Everlasting energy efficient.
  • Can be bent and post-tempered after coating.
  • Low-E glass are visible light transmittance thus ensuring better natural lighting.
  • Extremely low solar heat transmittance effectively impeding solar heat radiation High far infrared reflectance; reduced thermal transfer due to temperature difference.
  • Has optical properties and energy efficiency as ordinary Low-E glass.


  • Window, doors and curtain walls in cold climate
  • Hot climate and curtain walls with high win-wall ration
  • Can be used in electronic appliance as well as cars and trains
  • Offices, hospitals, hotels or buildings that needs to temperature and humidity in control